Monthly Archives: August 2002

Weird Science

Poor control Twinkie. Its conditions never change. I guess I’ll eat it. Flocks of sperm turning to the left indicates possible memory. Does this mean every sperm really is sacred? Speaking of sperm, didja know that few researchers study ejaculation control in rats? The Bush administration announces the slogan for the campaign to combat adolescent […]

What a fun day

Went to the Dallas Museum of Natural History, which was having special exhibits on deadly critters and plants. Also got to see the new arrangement of the dino’s…which was beautifully done. Wandered around in the basement of the museum for a while, looking at the projects they’re currently working on. Naturally had to take pictures […]

Separation of Church And State

So, it would seem that some people are just not happy with the Constitution’s insistence on separation of church and state, and would like to mandate that churches can still be tax free entities…but can also be political action committees. Houses of Worship Political Speech Protection Act (Introduced in Senate) [S.2886.IS] Latest Major Action: 8/1/2002 […]

I think I like this guy

So, I’ve been watching Howard Dean for a while, expecting him to make a run for President in 2004. And now, he’s officially declared that he’s gonna make a run for for the nomination. Now, the questions are…Do the proverbial square pegs in the Democratic and GOP round holes ever stand a chance? Will the […]

I am a bit of nervous Nellie, apparently

So, today was a bit unnerving. The baby hadn’t been moving during the day, which really worried me, but I figured that my water aerobics class would get him excited, so I went to class. And after the class, he still wasn’t moving…so I stopped and got a really sugary drink, thinking that maybe my […]