Where in hell is Kevin Bacon when we need him?

The RAVE Act, acronym for “Reducing America’s Vulnerability to Ecstasy” brought to you courtesy of Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.), would tweak a 16-year-old federal drug law, originally crafted to prosecute owners of crack houses, by expanding its definition of a site devoted to drug enterprise to include one-time events and outdoor gatherings.

The law would make it a felony to house events that knowingly profit from a drug culture. Opponents of the RAVE Act say the law could be stretched to go after concert promoters who book reggae artists and sell marijuana-themed T-shirts, or venues that host jam bands in the Grateful Dead tradition and sell black-light posters. The ACLU believes that it could put a damper on ALL concert venues and clubs dedicated to live music or dancing.

Want the government to leave your glow sticks and reggae bands alone? Think it shouldn’t be against the law to dance the night away? Then tell your senators how you feel…and don’t forget to vote come November.

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