There’s something happening here…

So, I was in a heated discussion over at Metafilter about the rights of the Executive Branch
vs. the Judicial branch vs. the rights of American citizens as guaranteed by the target=_blank>Constitution . And it occurred to me that I was arguing with people who had never bothered to read the
document. Isn’t that a requirement in school? I mean, how on earth do people get to voting age without having read the most important document in American governance? 

Grrrr! Godd*mmit, this is why we’re about to slide into a totalitarian fascist police state…because people don’t understand why it’s SO wrong. How can this be? At what point did our education system fail so terribly that we have a population that doesn’t understand how their own government is supposed to work? We have Ashcroft and crowd trying to turn us into East Berlin with their little Operation T.I.P.S., we have American citizens sitting in military brigs with no legal representation and virtually no chance of a trial, the government is considering using the military against citizens, in direct disregard of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, FEMA is taking bids for contractors to build large camps…for whom, nobody has said…it’s sheer, bloody madness, and yet people go blithely along, sucking down their Vanilla Cokes and
Big Macs, seemingly unaware that right behind them is possibly the largest political coupe since the burning of the Reichstag

I am SO having an Abby Hoffman moment.

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