TIPS? Ha! Meet the real big brother

Raise your hands if you remember John Poindexter. It seems our discredited former National Security Advisor has shown up in a new, spookier Big Brother role. Say hello to DARPA’s new Information Awareness Office. (Dig the creepy logo, eh?)

The system will capture, cross index and maintain petabytes of information including: financial, education, travel, medical, veterinary, country entry, place/event entry, transportation, housing, “critical resources”, government and communications.

Also on DARPA’s project list: Human Identification at a Distance and target=_blank>Bio-surveillance.

Lee Tien, senior staff attorney of the Electronic
Frontier Foundation
is quoted as saying, “The Total Information Awareness program, with its ability to provide persistent storage of everything from credit card, to employment, to medical, to ISP records, is a recipe for civil liberties disaster unless there are provisions for citizens to find out who is looking at their records and to see and correct those records.”

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