Good night Big Red

The last of my grandparents passed away today. Known affectionately as “Big Red”, she was a flamboyant example of a style of Southern Womanhood that is seen no more. With a head of red hair that would have put Lucille Ball to shame, and as fearless as the day is long, she managed to raise her son after her husband died in the service of our country, as well as raising most of the boys in the neighborhood at the time. All of those boys grew up to be damn fine men. She cared, she cooked, and she carried a big stick.

She loved her hounds, her family, her friends…and unfortunately, her smokes. She died of lung cancer, 10 years after she smoked her last one. I was hoping she’d get to see her great-grandson, she would have gotten a kick out of seeing one more generation.

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