Texas Morality Jails Local Comic Dude

Comic book retailer sentenced to jail for selling a book to an adult The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s lawyers are filing an appeal in the highest criminal court in Texas in the obscenity conviction of Jesus Castillo, manager of a Dallas comic book store. Castillo has received six months jail time, a year probation, and a $4000 fine. [more inside]

You know, even after my comic was successfully removed from the shelves in Texas, I really didn’t think this case could be successfully prosecuted…and yet, there it is, Jesus going to jail for selling a book to an adult. (I published CHAOS Magazine, which was pulled and prosecuted because we showed a penis in one panel of a 32 page book. The CBLDF kept the retailer out of jail, thank gods.)

The CBLDF is facing down some pretty tough opponents this year. Donations of art, time and of course, cold hard cash would really come in handy. If you’ve ever read a comic designed for a grown up audience, click here to visit the CBLDF, take a look at some of the cases and see what you’ve got lying about in the couch cushions to help the fight against censorship.

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