I am a bit of nervous Nellie, apparently

So, today was a bit unnerving. The baby hadn’t been moving during the day, which really worried me, but I figured that my water aerobics class would get him excited, so I went to class. And after the class, he still wasn’t moving…so I stopped and got a really sugary drink, thinking that maybe my blood sugar was too low or something. And he still wasn’t wiggling about like I expected him to do…especially after 16 oz of fruit punch.

So, I totally went into panic mode…because, frankly, I’m like that. Called my doctor, who had me do a few things, then had me go to the labor and delivery section of the hospital where I’m scheduled to deliver in a few months.

And they calmed me down, got me strapped into a fetal monitor so I could hear the baby’s heartbeat…and which point, I started crying all over again…but this time from relief. Naturally, as soon as they starting poking around on my tummy to place the fetal monitor, he started kicking and fussing up a storm. According to the nice nurse, sometimes babies take the day off. Who knew? Anyway, everything is all good…only now I’m really exhausted from the aerobics and the physical fallout from a full blown panic attack. So, think I’ll go to bed.

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