Separation of Church And State

So, it would seem that some people are just not happy with the Constitution’s insistence on separation of church and state, and would like to mandate that churches can still be tax free entities…but can also be political action committees.

Houses of Worship Political Speech Protection Act
(Introduced in Senate) [S.2886.IS]
Latest Major Action: 8/1/2002 Referred to Senate committee.
Status: Read twice and referred to the Committee on Finance.

The congressional search engine won’t allow for bookmarked queries, but you can go here, then search for the terms or numbers above to get the full text of the bill, as well as other relevant info.

The Legislative Advocacy Center has a petition and some statistics against this bill.

Personally, I believe that if churches want to get into the business of electing politicians, then they should be willing to lose their tax free status. I’m ok with that. Pay your taxes like every other entity or citizen and welcome to the party. But, if you get to have these monster campuses that don’t contribute to the local schools or streets or police or fire protection…then by gods, you shouldn’t be able to spend those tax savings on electing your pet politicos.

We have a separation of church and state for a very good reason. Political churches are just one step away from a mandated faith. No sir, I don’t like it a bit.

Notice that if you google on the title of the bill, you get pages and pages and pages, of right wing Christian conservatives who are spending much time and lobbying efforts to pass this bill. So, I think we can probably guess who has the most to gain from it’s passage.

And what of the people who are neither Christians or conservatives? Should they be cast aside as irrelevant because their churches don’t contribute to the fattened pockets of overfed bureaucrats? What of the Jews, and the Muslims and the non-conservative Christians? What of the Hindus and the Buddhists, the Pagans, the Atheists and the rest?

We are a nation of many, many faiths…and to allow one vocal voracious sect to rewrite the constitution for their own benefit is inexcusable.

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