What a fun day

Went to the Dallas Museum of Natural History, which was having special exhibits on deadly critters and plants. Also got to see the new arrangement of the dino’s…which was beautifully done. Wandered around in the basement of the museum for a while, looking at the projects they’re currently working on. Naturally had to take pictures of all the Chromosaurs surrounding the museum. Well, they’re shiny…and we all know I’m fascinated by shiny objects. :)

Went for Greek food afters…couldn’t decide on what we wanted…ended up ordering most of the menu, I swear. Dolmas to die for…and a spinakopita that would make a gourmet give up brie. I’m stuffed. I was too stuffed to do my water aerobics thing tonight…figured I’d just sink to the bottom. I’ll have to go do an extra mile on the treadmill tomorrow or something to make up for it.

Then, I got to spend a couple of hours talking to an old friend this evening…which is always the perfect way to cap off a brilliant day.

Hey, look…a post without politics…weird, no? I’ll do better tomorrow. ;)

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