I have just been meaner than a wet cat all day. I don’t know what’s gotten in to me, but I swear, if one more stupid person leaks into my reality, I’m going to have to beat them with a pointed stick!

In that same vein…taking part in this simulated Senate thing has made me realize why the founding fathers wanted restrictions on who could be part of the government. I swear to you, some of the debate has reached highs like “Nu uh!” and “You’re just wrong…cause I say so!” This idea, which held such promise, may turn out to be a huge, huge waste of time…based on the sheer idiocy, lack of knowledge and obvious inability to look up basic constitutional law that the majority of the participants seem to exhibit. I mean, I’m all for a good debate…I love a good argument…but what on earth are you supposed to say to people whose primary point is “Nu Uh!”. Grrrr!

Also, I’ve been thinking about dill pickles and chocolate sauce…and that’s just not right, even pregnant, there’s no call for that.

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