If all your friends jumped off a bridge…

Well, assuming they all bobbed back to the surface, then yeah, I’d prolly jump too. :)


– clothing: right now…comfortable. Usually…black and clingy.
– music: Celtic, Goth, Punk, Arabic, Classical, Jazz, weird composers.
– makeup: Clinique and Estee Lauder when I wear it…usually just powder and lipstick.
– body art: Dr. Suess Tattoo; Sam I Am and Green Eggs and Ham

– wearing: Big ol’ loose hippy dress in black and white, barefoot, commando style underneath
– music: Blue Man Group
– thinking of: Wishing I could write as well as O’Henry.
– feeling: Cranky…and very, very pregnant.

– bought: a fish fillet sandwich
– read: Re-reading Good Omens and an ancient O’Henry collection that my sweetie found for me as a present.
– watched on tv: Daria

– club or houseparty: HouseParty. Usually at my house. Means I don’t have to find shoes.
– tea or coffee: Tea…currently can only have decaf coffee. Sigh.
– high achiever or easy-going: Depends on the goal.
– cats or dogs: One big giant dog and 4 cranky cats.
– single or taken: Taken
– pen or pencil: pen
– cassette or cd: cd
– coke or pepsi: coke

– kill: Oh, the list is far too long and complicated to explain here. I have vendettas that go back 25 years.
– hear from: friends who’ve shuffled off the mortal coil.
– look like: ?
– be like: Me

– food: Prime Rib…very, very rare.
– drink: Cabernet…oh, or martini’s…oooh, or cognac…sheesh I miss booze.
– color: Dark Green
– album: Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd
– shoes: leather flats currently. spikes normally
– site: http://www.metafilter.com
– song: Shine on you crazy diamond
– vegetable: spinach
– last movie you saw: “The Fast and the Furious” Vin Diesel…yum.
– last phone number you called: Salvation Army pickup schedule line
– last thing you had to drink: Milk
– last thing you ate: Chocolate pudding
– last time you showered: about an hour ago after water aerobics
– last time you cried: Today, in the car…a song set me off…I can’t think of the band, but the lyrics have “God forbid you have to walk a mile in her shoes, then you might know what it’s like to have to lose” I love that song, but it makes me weepy.
– last time you smiled: When I got home
– last time you laughed: Around that time too.
– last person you hugged: Tom
– last person you kissed: Tom.
– last thing you said: “Damn, I’m uncomfortable.”
– last person you talked to online: Don’t really do online chat
– last thing you smelled: the candles in my office…yum

– smoke: Doing my best not to
– do drugs: Not anymore…sigh
– sleep with stuffed animals: No room…husband, dog, cats, a zillion pillows.
– have a crush: Not that I can think of.
– have a boyfriend/girlfriend: Husband
– have a dream that keeps coming back: Yep…and it involves naked square dancing. I fear that dream
– play an instrument: Not well.
– read the newspaper: Yes
– have any gay or lesbian friends: Yes.
– believe in miracles: Hell, I’ve seen em in my own kitchen…I can cook, I tell ya.
– believe it’s possible to remain faithful forever: Yep
– consider yourself tolerant of others: To a point…but there’s usually not a ticket back if they’ve made it on to the enemies list
– consider police a friend or foe: Cops have been pretty good to me, I don’t fuck with them, they don’t shoot me…seems to work out pretty well.
– like the taste of alcohol: I’ve forgotten…but rumor has it that I was pretty wild in my 20’s. I claim amnesia. ;)

– believe in astrology: Well, I believe that there are stars…so, I guess I believe in Astronomy.
– believe in magic: Yep. And you would too if you’ve had my lasagna.
– pray: Frequently. With great and wild abandon.
– go to church: You mean where they keep the priests? not so much, no.
– have any secrets: Me? Never…I’m as transparent as glass.
– have any pets: Didn’t we cover this already?
– go to or plan to go to college: Had just been accepted to grad school when I found out I was preggers.
– have a degree: You mean the real ones or the ones or the ones you buy? Either way, yeah a couple…I keep them as wall art. And that’s Doctor SpiderFarmer to you. ;)
– talk to strangers who instant message you: No IM installed on my machines.
– wear hats: Love hats, look fabu in hats. The bigger the hat, the happier I am.
– have any piercings: Ears. I took the nose and belly button rings out.
– hate yourself: Na, I’m the only one who’ll keep me company in the bathroom
– wish on stars: Have I mentioned Vin Diesel already?
– like your handwriting: Yeah, it’s ok.
– believe in witches: I know a few
– believe in Satan: As an entity, not so much. As an anthropomorphic realization of the evil that lies in the heart of mankind…yeppers.
– believe in ghosts: Yeah
– trust others easily: Yes, but woe to those that abuse it.
– like sarcasm: As though….sheesh.
– take walks in the rain: And get wet…on purpose? Bleh!
– kiss with your eyes closed: Yeah, think so.
– sing in the shower: No…glass enclosures around my shower…not safe. heh..

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