Nirvana song freed from Courtney’s clutches

Someone finally muzzled that stupid cow of a troublemaking, crotch-showing, life-sucking bimbo Courtney Love long enough to get some of the unreleased Nirvana music out.

In late January 1994, Cobain, Novoselic, and Grohl entered Bob Lang’s studio in Seattle for their final recording session. Following a long jam, they captured
target=_blank>this powerful tune in one take, including the gut-wrenching vocal — a spooky, ambient intro of echoed harmonics and a fractured guitar solo. It appears that copies of this song finally leaked because it’s going to be included in the upcoming href="" target=_blank>Nirvana “Greatest Hits” CD.

Tips the Doc Martins to for turning me on to the song release…whoo hoo!

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