ISP Hell continues…

Well, color me annoyed. First the ISP says it’s the phone company who is to blame for our outage. Then they said it was because someone ran a backhoe across the physical line. Now the story is that it’s because WorldCom can’t service their connections…but since we’re Verizon customers, I can’t see how that’s at all relevant. The official party line from Waymark is that we *may* have connection back sometime next week. And for this, they expect us to keep paying the ungodly sum of money we pay them every month.

So, I called Verizon and said that I wanted to switch to using them directly, and exactly how did I go about doing that? Because we’re listed as “wholesale” customers, we have to wait for Waymark to release our DSL line before any other provider can give us DSL service. However, Waymark can take as much time as they want…some customers waited for over 3 months before they had to threaten lawsuits to get Waymark to release their lines.

I thought about this for a minute and asked “Um, couldn’t I just disconnect my phone, get a new number and then write an order for DSL on that line?” To which the phone company (verizon) said “Ya know, nobody has ever asked that…but yeah, that would work.” So, now I’m just figuring out how hellacious it would be to change my phone number so I can get real internet access with a company that actually stays connected to the net on a regular basis. It means all of our resumes and job post listings will have to be changed, all business cards, we’d have to send notices out to friends and family…so it’ll be a pain, but certainly do-able. Now, the question becomes, it’s it worth all the hassle to do that? Grrr! Sheesh, right now it’s a good thing I don’t have pyrotechnical abilities or I swear Waymark would be a molten pool of lava.

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