Playing catch-up

To start on a silly note, I give you Viking Kittens…because what’s not to love?

From Flesh Drinks to a World of Pain, I give you all the Engrish you need and love.

Ok, this, this is just freaking wrong…. href=""
target=_blank>J.C. Penney, href=""
target=_blank>eToys and href=""
target=_blank>KB Toys are all selling a toy called “Forward Command Post”, that looks, for all intents and purposes, like a bombed out Barbie Dream House. Really, I don’t mind buying the boys GI toys…but this, this is a celebration of urban warfare…and that’s not what our armed forces were designed to do. The gang at agree. I mean, really…what’s next…Concentration Camp kits complete with ZyclonB tanks?

And speaking of citizens under military rule… href="" target=_blank>Activists’ names on no-fly blacklist — A federal “No Fly” list, intended to keep terrorists from boarding planes, is snaring peace activists. Several federal agencies — including the CIA, FBI, INS and State Department — contribute names to the list. But no one at those agencies could say who is responsible for managing the list or who can remove names of people who have been cleared by authorities. (Brazil, anyone?)

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