Been a busy couple of days

Been working on an article, I’ll post a link up here when it’s finally done. Have also spent much time working on a piece of art for a competition. It’s not turning out the way that I wanted, so I finally just walked away…I’ll try again tomorrow and see how it goes. Crypts are much harder to get right than you would think…the skelly’s and the jack o’ lanterns are wicked cool though, so that’s something.

Went shopping to pick up the bassinet I wanted…and naturally ended up buying ungodly amounts of baby stuff while I was there. (There was a sale…I can’t be trusted at a sale…I just can’t.) But, I found the most adorable ducky stuff…and for those of you familiar with the Aquatic Temple of the Ducki Lama…you know I had to have all the ducky stuff I could lay my hands upon. :) (Praise Ducki….Quack.)

Rented The Royal Tenenbaums on my way home and watched while formulating ideas for this halloween art thing…I’m not sure what to think of it. I probably would have liked it better if a.) I hadn’t gone into it thinking it was a comedy, b.) if the father character didn’t remind me of my biological father, and c.) if Ben Stiller didn’t just grate on my nerves like a lemon on a paper cut. But, other people seem to like it, so what the heck do I know? I liked the way it looked…the sets were brilliant and the movie was well shot and directed…and the end almost redeemed the hour of squirming uncomfortably that I did at the cruel humor…but all in all, I wouldn’t go out of my way to see it twice.

Have some really funny links that I meant to post up for Friday Funnies, but it’ll have to wait…perhaps something to drive away the Sunday afternoon blah, or the Monday morning chaos. ;)

My render is done…back to figuring out what I don’t like about this art so I can try to fix it.

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