Silly stuff to chase the Monday Blues

The DNC has found the most effective way to explain George W. Bush’s proposed Social Security plan: by letting us watch W push an old woman in a wheelchair off a cliff!

British girl hit by ‘meteorite’ (Vows to not use the phrase “May God strike me down if I’m lying” again.)

Bugbear Virus is real Get some info, clean your system if necessary.

Kittens destroy village…Bast thinks villagers had it coming.

Anti-DMCA bill finally introduced. RIAA planning to have supporters drawn and quartered.

Britain to use soap operas to train foreign nurses. Patients will either find themselves in a torrid affair, or find out they have an evil twin.

And last, but certainly not least…CNN Headline News to get jiggy up in this beyatch to attract younger viewers. No word on Paula Zahn’s bling-bling capabilities.

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