More silly stuff

target=_blank>M.C. Escher + Lego = Coolness

More Mark Fiore goodness:
Crystal Clear…a Bushism view of preemtive imperialism.

His other animation gallery goodies.

Ok, some of you may know that I collect rubber ducks like a crazy person…there are ducks peeking out all over the house. Not your usual average rubber ducky though. We have secret agent ducks, ducks in shades, celebrity ducks…heck, the other day, I ended up buying a bunch of baby stuff because it was ducky stuff…anyway, href="" target=_blank> is online and you too can have your own weird ducks. (Although, a tray of homemade lasagna to the first person that can find me a Cthulhu duck.)

That’s all for now…gonna go take a warm lavender bath (with my duckies) and try to get to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight. :)

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