Whoo Hoo!

My friend Kelley just called a few minutes ago because her train arrived. We told her we go pick her up at the station, but she’s driving out here. It’s really cool, I’m looking forward to her coming. We’ve never met in person, but we’ve collaborated on a number of projects and grants over the years. She was one of the primary knowledge experts I relied upon when I wrote my AI article.

So, it’ll be fun to finally be able to put a person with the telephone voice and email personality. I wish she could stay longer, but she’s just stopping over tonight on her way back home from a conference in Austin…but still, whoo!

So, we’re heading out to dinner soon, which means I need to find something to wear…I should go work on that…the clothes crisis has been extreme lately and often culminates in my sitting somewhere sobbing about how fat I am and how nobody wants to look at my inflated figure, and wouldn’t it just be easier if I kept myself in seclusion… (The 8 month pregnant point…ya know it’s harder for my husband than it is for me, I swear.) :)

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