Interesting Tidbits from around the web

Oh dear…you just don’t get good gods these days. Here, I give you Skippy the Sun God. (Alright, I admit, I made the Skippy part up…but he had it coming to him.)

And speaking of snickering at people…it’s attack of the killer Crows.

Turkey Testicle Festival No…I’m not making it up.

From the “I’ll believe it when I hear from my scalper” files: Led Zeppelin to reunite for US tour. Hey, if Grandpa Sir Jagger can prance about in spandex…then why the heck shouldn’t Plant give us a whole lotta love?

And just in case you haven’t had your fill of Kitty Porn today… Live Nude Cats for your perusal. Get ‘em while their purring.

Do you ever feel that learning to play an unusual instrument isn’t difficult enough on it’s own? Well then, build it out of Legos first!

I don’t even know what to make of this guy.

Do you know the memes infecting your brain? Do a quick scan at href=""> Human Virus Scanner.

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