Updates and Other Nonsense

As pregnancy goes, we’re entering the final stretch…Anywhere from 2-6 weeks…unless he goes way overdue. I have a sonogram scheduled next week to make sure he’s moved into head down position, as we’re trying to avoid a c-section at all costs.

I’m in high nesting/cleaning mode, trying to get the house ready to be invaded by 3 sets of parents…eek! So, it’s been the serious cleaning. You know, those times when you actually dust the ceilings, clean the baseboards with Murphy’s oil soap…windex the tile in the shower enclosure…OK, it occurs to me that I may be getting just the tiniest bit obsessive compulsive about the whole process…but wow, the upstairs is really outstandingly sparkly. I had to stop for the day when I realized I was trying to dust the dog…who was not terribly amused about being chased by a crazy woman in rubber gloves.

I’ve also started freaking out about totally irrational stuff like “What if Tommy gets a girl pregnant? In Junior High?” I think I should probably worry less about that and more about diaper rash. I’ve noticed he calms down and stops kicking my bladder when I play Zeppelin, Skynard and Petty on the CD. Does this mean my baby will be the first in history born with a lighter in one hand and asking for “Freebird”?

There is an incredible storm here. The duck pond is slowly rising and there are currently a flock of ducks swimming about where my dog usually buries her bones. This has also aggravated the dog, mostly because I won’t let her go chase ducks in the lightning storm or strap on gear and go scuba diving to rescue her bones.

Anyway, the thunder is now shaking the house, so I think I’ll post this and power down the system and go lay on the couch, open the blinds and watch the storm. Yum…nature’s light show!

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