Viral Marketing at it’s worst

Always, always, always, read EULAs before you allow something to be installed on your machine. is a free greeting card company. However, to view a card that’s been sent to you, the company expects that you will click through a security warning and a license agreement. What you’ve done, if you just click through, is to install virus/spyware on your system.

Once it is installed, it will email all the addresses listed in your MS Outlook contact (or Exchange’s GAL) list to invite them to download FriendGreetings products as mentioned in the License Agreement. href=""
target=_blank>Trend, McAfee, and others are putting out virus definitions to remove the code from your system, should you find yourself infected…but you can avoid the whole problem by not installing weird code to your machine without reading the EULA first.

Yes…I have started seeing cards from this company. Yes, it’s very annoying for anyone who maintains a mail server…but this application could very well bring some companies to their knees as it propagates even faster than most worms.

Remember…friends don’t send friends viral marketing crap.

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