silly sunday stuff

“I know the human being and the fish can coexist peacefully”…and other blatherings of our George the Second.

From the really, really stupid criminals files:
Two men arrested after drying marijuana in microwave at 7-11. The topper? There was a cop standing there.

When poisoning people’s drinking water, try not to use chemicals that turn the water pink

You know those times when you see something, and you think…wow, I wonder if I’m having a flashback? Well…Show me the monkeys!

Speaking of hallucinations…I wonder if I can fit a car seat into this?

Have you ever felt the need to become one with href="">the cabbages?
Of course you have. Just remember to href="">turn back.

One of my friends () had a quiz asking “How Black Are You?” In a blow to my cool factor, my answers came back “You are 0% Black.” Moving to the suburbs may be having an effect on me, that’s all I’m saying. But, no matter how “White” I may be…I can never be as white as this couple: “I’m Sally, and I’m Johnny! Black people love us!” ;)

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