Spam and other annoying stuff

I know everyone hates spam, but I swear, it’s gotten totally out of hand here. Easily 80% of the mail I filter from my pop server is spam … and that’s just absurd. What makes it worse is that most of the spam I get is for Viagra (um, hello? target marketing anyone?), Penis enlargement, and in case neither of those work, web cam girls and porn.

Good lord people, I know how to use google, if I wanted any of your odd cures for my non-existent penis, I could find them. Go away! Grrr!

My friends are constantly changing email addresses because of the spam volume, and I’ve had my permanent email address since 1995, so you can only imagine how bad it gets here. Seriously, I get between 100 and 300 emails a day…and of those, perhaps 20 of them are lists to which I subscribe, news and friends. The rest…is crap.

I’m figuring that when I do actually go into labor, I’ll probably lose my mail server, just because it’s going to get bogged down with spam while I’m not here…the filters are only so good.

Gods I hate spammers, I just wish there was a way I could superglue their balls to a sled and push them over a cliff…like naked hairy lemmings into their demise.

On a less um, graphic note … the National Novel Writing Month contest starts tonight at midnight. I have no idea how I’m going to pull this off as I have but the vaguest of ideas for a plot. But hey, it’ll be fun, and I’ll post notices here when there’s something new to read at .

After advice from one of my legions of doom, otherwise known as attorneys, the entries will be friends-only so that I protect and preserve “first publication” rights. So, if you want to read the travails of poor Aliah Scranton as she gets lost in the bureaucracy of Homeland Defense after losing her identichip, add to your friends list so I know to add you to the readers list.

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