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So, an online ministry thinks porn is bad. And therefore, they create these “porn apology e-cards“, catering to Internet “pornography addicts and the people who love them” . Fortunately, should you receive one of these from your area Evangelical Antipornista, there’s a href="">response card available. ;) (via the brilliant and very-porn-addict-friendly href="">Reverse Cowgirl’s Blog)

Ok, I have to mention here that I adore Vegas. Love the place. Think it’s one of the weird things that makes America American. I love it for it’s kitsch, the sham fronts of it’s harlequin idolatries, the ubiquitousness of it’s unreality. And what could be more unworldly than the Moon Resort and Casino, a $5 billion dollar proposed new addition to the glittering strip?

The Singapore River turned yellow on Sunday as thousands of rubber ducks vied to win the city-state’s fifth annual Million Dollar Duck Race.

Snoop Dogg Shizzle Nizzles? P. Diddy Doodles? “Rap Snacks” to hit the urban market. Don’t forget your Yassar Arafat Cheese Puffs while you’re shopping.

Where Did Your Soul Originate?

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And last, but certainly not least: The Institute of Druidic Technology

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