For the Dallas Black Clad Crew

Sad news. Lance Pope, owner, creator and designer of Verdun Manor and Thrillvania passed away unexpectedly on December 17th. There will be a viewing on Friday from 6pm to 8pm at Laurel Land Funeral Home in Dallas (214-371-1336). The funeral will be held at 2pm on Saturday. Lance was a master at creating some of the creepiest and spookiest stuff around, and was a very groovy and fun person. He was much liked and admired not only in the Goth set, but amongst all people who admired artistry, talent, skill and humor. His passing leaves a fairly big void and he’ll be missed by many.

Tributes to Lance can be found on the following LiveJournals:




So long Lance, godspeed to the verdant fields where lions play and the falls are always safe.

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