Counting down to Amateur Night

Tonight is the night when professional partiers avoid the streets, and leave the carousing to the beginners…as the pros know that stepping over the huddled masses of vomiting idiots who actually drank the free “champagne” ceases to be fun after your 30th birthday. Not that I’ve ceased enjoying seeing random strangers in misery, mind you…it’s just that those same idiots will then attempt to drive…and since I’ve lost a couple of friends to drunk drivers over the years, I generally avoid amateur nights like the plague. So, if you’re going to get plastered, which by all means, you should do if you’re so inclined, then make sure you hide your car keys from yourself. And as long as you’re getting drunk, try some of these amazing bar tricks to convince your friends to pony up for a round.

Now that we’ve covered the primary American tradition of New Years, which is to say, drinking until the blackout stage, let’s take a look at a few of the other New Year traditions.

Ancient traditions


Traditions of other countries

Or how about a quick review of the Top Stories of 2002?

And it’s already 2003 in the Pac Rim, so Happy New Year’s to all my buddies over the sea. ;)

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