Happy New Year

I hope that everyone made it back from their revelries safe and sound, with no other repercussions than possibly a hangover and that icky bar smell. :)

Here are some hangover helpers, in case you’re still feeling the pain.

target=_blank>Happy 20th Anniversary, Internet!

We ought not to let pass unnoticed the… 20th anniversary of the Internet. The most logical date of origin of the Internet is January 1, 1983, when the ARPANET officially switched from the NCP protocol to TCP/IP.

This has probably been one of the most interesting years in my life. I spent most of the year pregnant and underemployed. The writing career didn’t take off as well as expected, and I still have two novels unfinished, but the pregnancy was blessedly complication free, with an end result that is the most amazing little person that I’ve ever met. It’s hard to believe that I can feel this maternal and protective about anything, and yet, I love my boy more than I ever thought I could love anything. Even in the throes of a multi-hour colic fit, I still stare at him in amazement that my husband and I created a life. A living being. It’s just mind blowing.

It’s also been a year where I’ve grown even closer to my husband. Watching him with our child is about the grooviest thing I think I’ve ever seen. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have such a good and caring man as my partner.

As friendships went, this year was a strange one. I lost some friends, and gained some friends. I’ll probably always have an empty spot where the lost friends used to be, but friendships are fairly organic. Some use shit as fertilizer, and some just drown in crap. I wish that the friends who didn’t want to stay my friend hadn’t spent a bunch of their time trying to turn other people against me, but hey, if betrayal is what gets them off, more power to them, I guess. I count myself incredibly lucky for the friends and family that I have, and I’m so glad that I’ve added some online buddies to my circle of friends. I value and cherish the things I’ve learned from all of you through-out the year, and look forward to another year of exchanging ideas, thoughts, dreams and patterns. Thanks to all of you for sharing your lives with me and letting me be a part of it.

And my resolutions:

As almost everyone over a certain age resolves to do: I resolve to lose weight. I want to lose all of the pregnancy weight, plus another 2 dress sizes. It’s anyone’s guess as to the feasibility thereof, but I’m going back to the Y as soon as my doctor clears me for physical activity.

I resolve to get my yoga routine going again.

I resolve not to kill the medical people who give shots to the baby. (It makes me hostile when people make him cry.)

I resolve to continue breastfeeding, despite the fact that it’s fairly uncomfortable.

I resolve to learn more nursery rhymes and the real lyrics to songs, rather than just making them up as I go along.

I resolve to join a “Mommy and Me” group without trying to convert them all into black-wearing night crawlers.

I resolve to get over my agoraphobia and try to get out (without the baby) and go do something fun with my girlfriends at least once a month. (Claire-bear, C-lo and Eileen…I’m looking at you!)

I resolve to try and find a new writing gig that actually pays money instead of free copies of the publication.

I resolve to finish at least one of the novels I’ve started writing.

And last but not least, I resolve to figure out how to organize all of the crap in my house in some manner that resembles how adults live, rather than the chaos that I know and love so well. (Hard to child-proof chaos, doncha know.)

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