Found while surfing

Finally, Shrub tells us how he really feels.

Now, I really like Avril Lavigne. Apparently, some others like her enough to start the Avrilution.

Now that the holidays are finally over, and we emerge from the wrapping paper mountains to return the odd things that we may have received, do you ever find yourself wondering, Who would buy that?

From the “just another reason to avoid noisy, germy, movie theatres” category, now you can spend $10 for a movie ticket, another $8 for sodas and snacks, then be forced to watch commercials before the movie.

From the “reasons to avoid chain restaurants” file: Ten Things Your Restaurant Won’t Tell You

In other news, Sci-Fi maven Cory Doctorow has released his new novel Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, for free download. Which seems pretty darn cool.

Ok, back to doing real world stuff, need to rescue my husband from a fussy baby. It’s been his turn for the last hour or so, I should release him back into the wild to play with the dog. ;)

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