Stupid, freaking, 3K paperweight

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate my Dell computer? I really do. Hate it with the sort of passion usually reserved for ex-boyfriends, hospital food and kitten kickers. I despise this useless, non-standard, horrid performing piece of shit. I mean, it’s bad enough that it doesn’t have a reset button…so hard core gamers, coders and 3d designers have to hard reboot the machine on a regular basis, but the system clock loses 12 – 20 minutes per 24 hour day, and it requires non-standard drivers. And, to add insult to injury, the support site is wigging out in a big bad way, so downloading one of the said drivers is impossible…which is really leaking into my fresh, as I finally had an opportunity to play with some new code tonight, and I wasted all of my available time trying to find a damn driver. Grrrrr!

When I can afford my Alienware box, I have every intention of taking this box out to the rifle range, loading up the semi-automatics and emptying cartridge after cartridge of hollow tipped bullets into the side of it’s time wasting carcass. I’m taking a video camera and going all Quintin Tarantino on this damn doorstop. Have I mentioned that they fired the vast majority of their support staff and moved the jobs to India? You know why? Cause workers in India will fuck up your system for mere pennies on the dollar. Because why pay for good American support teams when you can get useless, non-English speaking support for a tenth of what they paid the American workers? Fuck Dell. Fuck Dell up the ass. And I’m a big stockholder…and I still say, Fuck Dell! I would sell my thousands of shares in Dell if I could just break even, but no such luck, because all the money is going to fat cat executives who get $50 million dollar bonuses for laying off all the workers, rather than going into developing a fucking machine that doesn’t blue screen every day.

Grrr, god damn it. Just Grrr!

And to my friends who still work at Dell…I love you guys…it’s nothing personal…it’s just that the box is shit, and if I could afford to throw the damn thing in the lake, I would. Jebuz on a stick, I hate this fucking computer.

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