Found trapped in the web

Those of you who tune in for my frothing antiBush rants may be surprised that I haven’t mentioned the State of the Union Address. Suffice it to say that if you believed anything he said, then there isn’t anything that I can say to convince you that we’re on a road to perdition with no easy exit ramp. If you listened to it with the same incredulousness that I did…astounded at the sheer volume of bullshit…then you don’t need to hear someone else reiterate your disgust and disappointment at how a great country like ours could be subsumed by petulant bullies and petty tyrants. What’s the use? World War III, here we come. Besides, I couldn’t have said anything better than Kurt Vonnegut.

Instead, I offer you some light entertainment:

The NY Metropolitan Museum of Art is doing a fabu online gallery of DaVinci’s work. Using the zoom features, you can get significantly closer to the details of the art than you can in real life. Mostly, because the Met gets really hostile when you touch their stuff.

So, our favorite hacker poster boy Kevin Mitnick finally got off parole and was allowed to fire up his new Mac and take it for a spin on the net. The New Yorker was there.

Jelly Belly candies are giving away free samples for survey takers each day, starting at a random time.

And speaking of candy: The U.N. Orders Willy Wonka To Submit To Chocolate Factory Inspections.

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