Monthly Archives: February 2003

Happy Birthday WWW

Today in 1991, Tim Berners Lee presented the world with the first web browser. That means today is arguably the birthday of the world wide web. Well, the ice started melting off, and I’m sure I could have made it out, but I didn’t try. There’s still about 2 inches of ice on my driveway, […]

Winter madness

So, this is what it looks like in Dallas today: Note the lack of cars on our normally congested streets. This is because nobody in this area of the universe knows how to drive on ice. Which, considering the sheer volume of Yankees that have moved here, is surprising. I mean, that none of the […]

Vegetarianism is for life – and for lifers!

Those crazy PETA kids, well, now they’ve gone and done it. They’ve admitted that being a vegan is punishment, by sending a letter to the NY Prison Commissioner telling him that “Feeding inmates exclusively vegan food sends a message to inmates and the public that our society isn’t molly-coddling them…” Funny, funny PETA people…hoisted by […]

It’s organic, really…trust us.

From the Environmental Working Group: Spearheaded by Representative Nathan Deal, and for the sake of one special interest, Fieldale Farms Corporation of Georgia, a single item in the Omnibus spending bill threatens to undermine the integrity and importance of the new USDA organic standards. The provision was added to the omnibus spending bill behind closed […]

Gone. *sniff* it’s all gone

So my husband had this gorgeous, waist-length, rock-star, hair. The keyword in that sentence is *had*. All 2+ feet of his hair is now in a bag, ready to be shipped off to Wigs for Kids. It’s a charity that makes wigs for kids going through chemo, or who have other disorders which have caused […]