A non-wired weekend, what’s a technopagan to do?

Wow, I spent almost the entire weekend without seeing my computer. Now, granted, a big part of that is because if I had to spend much time with this blue-screening Dell of Doom, I was going to take a Louisville Slugger upside it’s hard drive, but that aside…

We spent much time playing with Tommy. He’s getting old enough that he spends a lot more of the day awake, so we got a chance to play, and laugh and giggle. He is the cutest thing, I swear to god. Saturday I made chili for us and Hound and Claire, and got a chance to visit with them, which is always great. Got to see their new acquisitions from the gun show. If the revolution ever comes, I’m glad they’re on my side. :) Sunday we spent much time playing, and then in the evening, Tom and I tried to have date night, with french bread and brie, grapes and apples and a lovely red wine…but Tommy decided that he’d like to be awake for that part too. I let him lick the inside of a grape…oh.my.god, I wish you could have seen the look of amazement and joy on his face. He practically trembled with excitement. He waved his little arms and gurgled like he wanted more. I think when he’s ready for solid foods, he’s going to be a fruit and veggies baby. Yay!

No links, as I haven’t surfed around. Besides, reading the news just makes me all mean and cynical, and I’m in a really good mood…so why screw with it. :)

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