Ask the children of the night to make beautiful music elsewhere, Igor.

So, I’m walking the baby around the TV room, trying to get him to settle down…and because it’s the TV room, I have the TV on. There was a show on the Discovery Science channel about vampires. Now, I realize that the Discovery channels make the PTL club look like rational scientists, in that they seem to just make shit up about half the time…don’t even get me started on their fallacies about Egypt…what was my point? Oh, right, vampires…Good lord, they were going off about black wearing, role playing gothling club kids like they were just the end of civilization in good clothes.

Now, in all fairness, I do wear all black most of the time, I’ve been known to frequent The Church, when I feel like being the Fairy GothMother…but I’m officially too old to be a gothling anymore. I mean, I drink cognac older than some of the kids that sneak into that club. But it’s never occurred to me to wear a pair of plastic fangs and strike terror though the picket fence hell that is Dallas.

Those of you old enough to remember the punk years, remember when they did this scare with D&D. It was the same damn thing. Hysterical, raving about how any kid who played White Wolf games, or wore black, or went to clubs like The Church were bound to become axe-weilding serial murders, cat rapists and bat biters. It was ridiculous. Honestly.

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