Blood money. 30 bits of silver just won’t cut it these days


What is the going rate for the US to get another country to support a war? href="">How
about $20 billion?!

That is what the US are offering Turkey in
exchange for their support with Iraq. That, incidentally, is about 35% more than
the entire US budget for NASA, and is about 40% of the total budget for the US
Department of Education. Incidentally, $20 billion would be more than enough to
make up for all the holes in every state’s education budget that Bush’s economic
bungling has brought about.

Of course, $20 billion is just a bribe for
Turkey… there will be money for Jordan, money for Israel, money for Kuwait,
money for Saudi Arabia, money for Qatar — everyone will want their turn at the

Tomorrow, Turkey’s parliament is having a vote on allowing US
troops to be based out of their country for an invasion of Iraq. You can contact
the Turkish
and href="">parliament
members and let them know you are opposed to Turkey allowing US troops to
operate out of their country… but I half wonder whether they are bought and
paid for already. After all, the US just offered them an amount equal to
approximately 5% of their economic output for a whole year.

… and if
that’s not a bribe, I don’t know what is.

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