The Political Compass

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Economic Left/Right: -6.00
Authoritarian/Libertarian: -4.82

So, just south of Gandhi. Kind of smack dab in the middle of anarchy and ruling the world with an iron fist. Well, if elected supreme ruler of the world, I promise to be a benevolent dictator. ;)

So, what else is happening in the world?

Google bought Blogger. Leading one to question how long it will be before blogs get data mined.

So, High Times is looking for an editor to join their team. I’m so perfect for that job! I’m submitting my resume, just on the off chance they can’t live without me. If I get the job, I say we all go to Amsterdam to celebrate. ;)

And speaking of high times,five students at an El Dorado County High School are in trouble after school officials say they brought pot-laced brownies to school to share with their classmates, when the assignment was to bring healthy snacks. Note to kids…even adding herbs doesn’t make brownies healthy. (Yummy and fun, sure…)

Woo, it’s a bumper day for pot related stories. Note to petty criminal…when growing 114 pot plants in a shed in the backyard, try not to burglarize the next door neighbor. Idiot children, I swear.

And last, but certainly weirdest, Sacramento teen goes into frothing, eye rolling, falling on the floor fits to pantomime the dangers of marijuana. Because, as we all know, pot and wine coolers will make ya do that. (Ok, maybe the wine coolers will…those things are nasty.)

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