Vegetarianism is for life – and for lifers!

Those crazy PETA kids, well, now they’ve gone and done it. They’ve admitted that being a vegan is punishment, by sending a letter to the NY Prison Commissioner telling him that “Feeding inmates exclusively vegan food sends a message to inmates and the public that our society isn’t molly-coddling them…” Funny, funny PETA people…hoisted by their own celery stick, as it were. I’m guessing that being that anemic makes them a little short on irony. (Heh, get it, it’s a pun…ok, a bad pun. Sue me. I posted this over at MetaFilter and got eaten alive by the people who accused me of being a troll. Sheesh.)

Speaking of people with no sense of humor, apparently, some Harvard ladies were *so* offended by a giant ice penis, that they felt compelled to destroy it, before it could “sexualize them against their will”. Really girls, it’s just a giant snow penis…given a little time, it’ll behave just like a real one, and melt away. No reason to be that aggressive about it. That sad thing…no pictures of the ice-wang were taken before it’s early retirement. In other obscene snow sculpture news, NC woman gets a visit from the police because her snow-woman hasboobs.

On a silly note…ask not for whom the Bush burns…it burns brightly for Blair. [QT file...hefty for dialup users]

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