Winter madness

So, this is what it looks like in Dallas today:

Note the lack of cars on our normally congested streets. This is because nobody in this area of the universe knows how to drive on ice. Which, considering the sheer volume of Yankees that have moved here, is surprising. I mean, that none of the Southerners know what to do when ice falls from the sky, not too surprising…but, you’d think the folks from above the Mason Dixon line would have seen this sort of metrological activity before. But no, the whole town freaks out and shuts down.

It’s much, much worse out where we are. The rural areas don’t have things like sanding trucks. We’re officially snowed in until it melts. Which, knowing Texas weather could be tomorrow…it could be March…who knows. I knew the weather was coming, so we stocked up on groceries and diapers, lit the fireplace and watched the neighborhood children go sledding on the slope behind the house. One of the kids was pretty clever and attached his St. Bernard to a surfboard and was having a good ol time sliding around on the street. Me, I made hot chocolate and watched to see if any of them were going to miscalculate the slope and end up in the pond. I had rope and stick nearby, just in case. :) (Well, I’m not dumb enough to jump in a frozen pond to rescue someone…good lord, it’s cold out there. I’ll fish them out, and send them home though.)

So, here’s hoping all of y’all are warm!

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