Happy Birthday WWW

Today in 1991, Tim Berners Lee presented the world with the first web browser. That means today is arguably the birthday of the world wide web.

Well, the ice started melting off, and I’m sure I could have made it out, but I didn’t try. There’s still about 2 inches of ice on my driveway, and it’s sloped, so I was afraid I’d never get back in, were I to go try and play ice capades in my truck. :) But, all the pictures from friends and news reports show Dallas iced in, and I have to say, it’s a pretty city when it’s covered in white and the stupid people aren’t in evidence.

So, speaking of stupid people, dig this story of the dumbest drug dealers ever. Honestly, kids today. Hey, speaking of getting high, you may have seen the PSAs with Nick & Norm (So it is alright to support terrorism, a little?) Now the Marijuana Policy Project in their War on Drug Czar has released a parody. [QT, Real, or WMP]

Also in the stupid people category…today the US Patent Office awarded a patent to Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon for, get this,”Method and system for conducting a discussion relating to an item.”. Yep. Apparently the people in the patent office haven’t left their desks since the telephone was invented, or they would have realized that prior art precludes this patent…but hey, I’m just a geek, what do I know?

Many of you know, at least those that have visited Casa SpiderFarmer, that I collect rubber duckies. And people often bring me duckies, or send me links to cool duckies. This is a funny damn duckie. I think I’ll send one to Tim Berners Lee to thank him for the web. ;)

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