Silly stuff on the web

Think Washington is doing a poor job of allocating funds? See if you can eliminate the deficit with this little game.

Save the Goldfish!

Fun with Cutethulhu.

Props to Amp23for these two:

Are you where you live? Find out! go here and click the link which says ‘See You Are Where You Live in action’.

How Valuable are You?

Take the VALS survey!

In other words, how much do you vibrate the ero-zone of the Madison Avenue wankers? I got Innovator, and your secondary type is Thinker. (Set your demographic vibrator to stun!)

From the Neil Simon must be spinning in his grave department: Two reality show camera crews (Roseanne and Ozzy) run into each other at Barneys.

So, had something confiscated at the airport? Perhaps you can buy it back on Ebay.

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