Well, damn.

You know there are sometimes in your life when you just look around and think

Neither Tom nor I has had any luck finding jobs in the town where we own a house…or in any of the cities in the state, really. And it’s not like we’re just dot.com kids…I have years of IT management experience, and he’s a programmer with a degree and certifications.

The economy is going down the shitter…but is being ignored in favor of a war which will serve no purpose other than fattening the pots of a few defense contractors and possibly revenge on the part of an appointed leader. For every dollar that Halliburton and Carlyle take out of the Middle East, some American kid puts themselves in danger, or will die. And yet, 90% of the people on the boards of the profiteers never served in the military…nor have their children. Because rich kids don’t go to war. You can pay people to do that for you.

Jobs are disappearing to outsourcing shops in the third world, and yet companies can’t figure out how to let Americans telecommute. Millions of IT workers were laid off…yet 1.3 million H1B visas were handed out…because “there are no technology workers”. My neighborhood, which granted, is suburban, white picket fence hell, is brand new. And yet, 30% of those who built these houses are selling their cars, selling their house, and moving out…some to apartments, some to parents, some to the streets. I am prepping my hot-rod for sale…I can’t justify having a hobby car any more.

We’re ignoring a rapidly disintegrating political situation in North Korea. Why? Because NK has no assets worth sending in the troops to rescue. Who cares if they blow up a few people in Alaska. I mean, Native Americans aren’t important, are they?

As I sat this evening, nursing my son, I realized how fucked up the world really is. And I fear that there is nothing I can do, say, write, that will change that. I’ve hit the wall…I’ve lost hope…I can’t believe it’s gotten this bad, this fast…and yet, the majority of our country is busy watching Joe Millionaire instead of the man behind the curtain.

Fucking sheep. I live in a country of fucking sheep.

And apparently, it’s illegal to shoot them.

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