Busy, Busy, Me…

It’s been a busy couple of days here. Went out with Suzi and Laura yesterday to get fittings for our bridesmaid dresses…which look like they should be just beautiful…in a stunning exception to the general rule of horrid creations forced upon bridesmaids. Doctor’s today, and then dinner tonight with our neighbors and new friends Curt and Patti. Dinner was fabu, and Patti has done amazing things with their house…I’m so jealous of people that have good decorating flair.

Tommy thoroughly enjoyed his time out an about today. He’s getting so big…and I think he’s starting to teeth…which should make for some fun nights ahead. :)

Haven’t had much time to scour the net for interesting stuff…although, many of the people and groups on my friends list have had some really great political finds lately. A bit of good news though…the little girl who was kidnapped in Salt Lake City almost a year ago, was found, alive and not too far from her house. There’s more to this story than meets the eye, but at least she’s alive.

I have had some silly stuff forwarded to me…and thus, I share them with you:

Paris fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier has found the perfect solution for the PETA folks who keep showing up to protest fur at fashion shows. Hedrapes them in mink coats and has them escorted out of the building.

New Mexico legislators want 600,000 acres from Texas Apparently, they’ve forgotten that we’re heavily armed and cranky…

And an oldy, but a goody: Here’s a reason why we should all go get stacks of 2 dollar bills and hit the mall…to amuse ourselves at the consternation of InDUHviduals.

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