Shock and Awe

What a way to celebrate Ostara (the Spring Equinox). What better way to celebrate the time of rebirth and growth than to unload a zillion tons of ordinance on to 5 million civilians.

So, I was watching the televised war…and I saw the bombardment of Baghdad. On one of the stations, you could see civilians running around on the streets, near where huge high rises and buildings were on fire. The tracer bullets from the ground and from the air lit the city with the fairy lights of death. “Every single building I can see is in flames,” said the BBC’s Paul Wood as he surveyed the city from his vantage point in the city.

Meanwhile, in the Fatherland Homeland, The FBI will begin detaining dozens of Iraqis in at least five cities the United States who are considered a threat to security,” Previously, that power belonged to the Immigration and Naturalization Service, but a day before the INS was dismantled, Attorney General John Ashcroft granted the authority to detain individuals suspected of visa violations to the FBI, giving them and several thousand U.S. Marshals the authority now to hold those who may have overstayed their visas or are ‘out of status’ while they conduct an investigation into any possible terrorist connection. (from Plastic)

But hey, if the Alert Level kicks up to Red, we can all be detained! Yay, House Arrest! Whoo Hoo! Martial Law! Go Bush! According to NJ counterterrorism experts, we can expect to be shot if we leave our houses, once the government has ordered us inside “for our own safety”. So, that’s nice. “Go be safe in there, or we’ll kill you!” Mmmmm, I love the smell of the Patriot Act in the morning, don’t you?

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