Doing my part to help the economy

So, ya know…sometimes, I delve deeply into that Dallas part of my soul that makes me a consumer. It’s ugly, but there it is. I decided that I had taken as much crap as I could stand from this nasty bit of hardware that Dell tried to pass off as a computer. To quote Popeye…a rare thing, I must say, “I’ve taken all I can stand…and I can’t stands no more!” And truly…after the 6th reboot of the day…I gave up…and bought an Alienware. They’re building me a box even as I type. Burning in the software…quad checking the hardware…making her purr like a redhead in a James Bond movie…omg, I’m practically damp thinking about this box. It took about 2 months to convince me that the only thing that would make me stop pacing my office with a box of ammunition was to get rid of the thing that annoyed me…then there was a month of convincing me that “no, really…you NEED an alienware”.

I admit, I really wanted one…they are a 3d artist and gamers wet dream. But once it arrives…I have no more excuses for not creating new posters and art and other stuff. Which means, I hope my muses come back when I have a system worthy of them. :) And this system…is worthy. Oh…so worthy. Goodness, I haven’t been this excited about hardware since I met my husband.

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