House Approves National Day of Prayer

Lord help us.

WASHINGTON — The House passed a resolution Thursday calling for a
national day of humility, prayer and fasting in a time of war and

The resolution, passed 346-49, says Americans should use the
day of prayer “to seek guidance from God to achieve a greater understanding of
our own failings and to learn how we can do better in our everyday activities,
and to gain resolve in meeting the challenges that confront our

Under the resolution, President Bush would issue a proclamation
designating a specific day as a day of “humility, prayer and

White House spokeswoman Claire Buchan said officials there had
not looked at the resolution but “the president believes that faith and prayer
are important and frequently references the importance of praying for American
troops and for freedom around the world.”

On the funny side of the “news”, I give you Kim Jong Il (the
illmatic)’s LiveJournal

9:23 pm Today I was so depressed I wrote an opera. I want it to come out in the summer which means we have to start casting in the spring, which means I have to order the kidnappings like next week. I am so busy.

3:39 am Dear diary. Bush still doesn’t ‘get it.’ I tried making my feelings clear but he’s too busy ignoring me, he is such a jerk. Everything in his life is just Saddam, Saddam, Saddam and I am sick of it.

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