Monthly Archives: April 2003

One more reason to own your own business

Molly Ivans has an interesting rant this week about the lightly vieled attempt of the Republican party to decimate the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, whereby hourly workers are guaranteed time-and-a-half payment for time worked beyond 40 hours a week. From the people who brought you the destruction of civil liberties under the name […]

Stuff and Nonsense

Yesterday was my friend Suzi’s wedding, and I was one of the handmaidens of doom. The wedding was beautiful, the bride was glowing, the groom was confident, the weather stayed fabulous…all in all, even with all the inevitable last minute chaos, it was one of the better weddings I’ve attended. So, Yay, Suzi and Victor! […]


Spiderfarmer’sBattle Impis Opath Backstabbing: 2 Dodgin': 3 Guts: 4 Magic Mojo: 10 Smackdown: 9 Will your battle imp beat Spiderfarmer’s?Enter your name and fight.

Same as it ever was…or…politics as usual

Ah, Iraq…where we secured the oil fields, but left the museums open to looters. And apparently, brought a few of our own looters as well. So, that’s nice. So, you remember those “terrorists” we picked up in Afghanistan? Turns out, some of them are little kids. The Geneva Convention…apparently it doesn’t apply to the US […]

Happy Earth Day!

Some earth day linky goodness for ya: History of Earth Day. Check your ecological footprint and order some organic products. Find out your biodiversity IQ Get a free action kit with goodies, resources, and other assorted materials. Or just play some games. Here’s the fed’s take on how to help out at Home, School, and […]