Silly kissing games, and other bridal shower crazies

Suzi’s bridal shower today. Much fun was had, many good conversations were exchanged, much estrogen floated about the place. I took Tommy and got to show him off to everyone. He really liked being in a room full of women.

Hellacious storm last night, and then again, as I was driving to the shower…at 70 mph…with a full highway of idiot drivers, the skies just started dropping buckets of water from the sky. Visibility dropped to less than 20 feet, it was insane. Fortunately, it cleared almost as fast as it arrived, and nobody on all 8 lanes of traffic seems to have wrecked. Which, in Dallas, is pretty amazing.

I’m exhausted. Girly days do that to me. ;) Gonna go curl up with a good book, a good man, my critters, and wait for the baby to demand to be fed. :)

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