Friday silly stuff

The Day My Butt Went Psycho. Play the game, promoting the book of the same name.

Cory Doctorow’s new sci-fi novel is available for free download, 62 pages, a great quick read), Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom.

Easter is almost upon us…and you know what that means? Peeps! Who doesn’t love marshmallow blobby goodness?

Mark Fiore has been on a tear lately. Some brilliant stuff. These are my recent faves:

Congratulations on your liberation…
RummyCo: Your full service Pentagon!

My fellow writers may find this article on how scripts are reviewed interesting. And by interesting, I mean soul-crushingly depressing.

Congresscritters, you just can’t turn your back on those serpents.

Well, the inlaws are coming tomorrow, and they’re bringing grandmothers too. So, I’ve been cleaning like a crazy person…like actually using furniture polish and cleaning solutions instead of my usual casual swipe at the end tables with a burpy cloth as I pass. I’ve already planned the menu, and as long as nobody goes upstairs, and my bread rises, everything should be fine. :)

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