Ah recruiters…the true spawns of hell…

You know, I thought that it was the lawyers, but no…it turns out to be clueless recruiters. Again, today someone told me that they wanted someone with my management experience, my writing portfolio, and my analysis background…but they would very much like me to take the job for $10.00 an hour…no overtime, 60+ hour weeks expected. Like, for that kinda scratch, I should be glad to donate 20 extra hours a week for free. So…they wanted me, but for less money than the bag boy at Winn Dixie gets paid…because at least bag boys get overtime…and nobody expects bag boys to wear $300 Liz suits. Sheesh.

So, I started thinking of things I really like to do.

Then I started thinking about things I like to do, but that have a potential for making money. Legally. (Hey, it narrowed down the list considerably. For example, I don’t think I can open a bordello in Texas and get away with it….although, really…I would look *so* fabulous in the Mae West outfits…and you can’t swing a cat in this town without hitting a long legged naked blonde. My dream has always been to open the Texas Embassy and Bordello in Amsterdam…chicken fried steak and down home love… Of course, that was before I had the boy…)

Where was I? Oh, right…so, writing isn’t paying the bills, I’m totally stalled on my two novels, apparently most IT jobs in Dallas are being outsourced to India, competing with Starbucks by opening a coffeeshop is financial suicide, I’d get eaten alive in the book market by Amazon, B&N, and Half Price, I’m tired of drunks…so opening a bar is out, and the only thing left that I can think of is horticulture and floral arrangements. I adore working with flowers and I can make almost anything grow.

So, I’m thinking about going and taking some horticulture classes and some floral design classes and opening either a floral shop or start a greenhouse to supply exotics to floral businesses. Of course, I’m a bit of a diletante, so this too may pass…

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