April showers

Well poop. Today was the big neighborhood Easter egg hunt and general spring frolic. Whereas generally, I would tend to avoid anything of the sort, I had planned to dress up Tommy and try to get some good shots of him with eggs and bunnies and whatnot. But it rained. I think the whole thing got cancelled…as nobody wants little kids and babies sloshing around in the mud in their “Sunday go to meetin” clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about mud, but not when he’s still too young to crawl around and really enjoy it. heh.

One of the ranches down the road has almost an acre of bluebonnets near their front fence line. I think I’m going to stop there this week and ask if it would be ok to bring the boy there for pictures. I’m sure they won’t mind, but out here in gun country, it’s always best to ask before you go wandering around someone’s ranch.

Oh boy! My beloved has just wandered in with booty! Tropico 2…a game I really wanted, and the 2nd Harry Potter movie! Yay! Playtime!

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