Same as it ever was…or…politics as usual

Ah, Iraq…where we secured the oil fields, but left the museums open to looters. And apparently, brought a few of our own looters as well. So, that’s nice.

So, you remember those “terrorists” we picked up in Afghanistan? Turns out, some of them are little kids. The Geneva Convention…apparently it doesn’t apply to the US anymore.

And speaking of decisions of the Shrub…Bush’s advisers have drafted a re-election strategy built around staging the nominating convention in NYC near the third anniversary of Sept. 11. Bush’s advisers said they chose the date so the event would flow into the commemorations marking the third anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks. Because nothing says Republican like standing on the corpses of Americans to get elected.

And now, for something fun:
Is your cat too superior? These costumes should fix that problem.

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